It’s been a slow start for team GB. Deputy Chef de Mission Sir Clive Woodward is being made to look like Sir Clive Sinclair as we rack up 4th, 5th and 6th places in the few sports in which we’re making the finals. Yes, we’re all thinking the tide will turn once the first one is in the bag, but the bag is full of holes, eaten by the the moths of expectation.

Still, we should put in a protest. We need help as home support increases the pressure to such an extent that it becomes a handicap, therefore we should be awarded copper medals for filling the top 3 places behind the top 3 places. If Jacques Rogge says yes and agrees to backdate our gallant runners-up to the medallists, then it suddenly doesn’t look so bad. Our copper haul alone would be enough the re-mint the nation and crack the deficit into the bargain.

Yes, it is childish. Then again, so is wanting to win at everything. And most of the commentary on the radio by broadcasters out of their sporting depth.

Let’s throw a national paddy and see if it works.

After 3 everyone….one….two….


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