Almost Psychopaths are not like Almost Alcoholics. They may sound like more of a danger to society, but really their condition is not as black and white as the brush that tars those of us who like a drink (in the morning).

This is because psychopathy is measured on a sliding scale of 1 to 20, a report tells us. And like all psychometric tests, we can’t wait to see where we sit relative to Hannibal Lector.

While waiting my turn at the walk-in assassin clinic, it made me think of tendancy. Do you have a tendancy to think about jabbing a stranger in the belly as walk down the street but your rational self inhibits this pang of violence? So, you don’t do it. You think about doing it, but you stop one motor neurone short of physically doing it and triggering a delta of dire consequences.

Instead you walk away processing this psychopathic urge. Where did it come from? Dad? No he’s too soft. Mum? No, she carries a gun. Is it genetic at all or an accrued sense of derangement? Does this condition have a name, this Thug Reflex Palsy?

It does now.



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