Better make this quick.

Get to the point.

Do any FUCKINGLY DESPERADO thing to keep your interest.

Or not.

We are now implausibly impatient creatures. The things that matter – love, work, education, health, news – we want them all now, without effort or delay. Yet, the faster they come, the faster they fall (as Jimmy Cliff once almost sang). Take this morning. I tried to shut a door handle we had replaced after 3 years of it coming away in your hand. Close it slowwwwwwly and it stays shut. Close it in a hurry and it pings back open. ┬áIt’s taken 6 months to figure out being gentle and patient works, and being headstrong and aggressive doesn’t. When life suddenly dawns on you, you wake up. Maybe we need to sleep more? During the day? Sedated in some way? Then again, we already are, thanks to technology. In the here and now, technology neuters our presence, dilutes our meaning to those beside us. We could be anyone, anywhere. Except, our soul protests. The soul is our most complex component, it flourishes in the moment. Technology has kidnapped the soul. We await a ransom in vain, yet somehow the waiting alone reorientates the soul. Pops it back on its fidget spinner. And if you stuck with this unforgiving paragraph, you’re now a few % rehumanised.