It’s only a word.
But…it’s everywhere.
It’s verbally malignant and it’s killing us.
It’s the most overused, under-thought word of our times.

That word is ‘outcome’.

‘Outcome’ is a vile word. The dumbest word alive. The world’s worst word, possibly only superseded by ‘outcomes’.
Yes, you heard that right.


How can you trust anyone who uses the word ‘outcomes’ without hesitation or acknowledgement that it’s 100% blue-blooded bollocks? This falsely pluralised word signals an all time lingual low. It has no meaning, no propose, no soul. It’s emptier than a void. It is everything an orgasm isn’t. At its best, it’s an emasculation of the word ‘result’, forced through a mangle of new legal language just in case we get sued.

This word strangulates our health service, removing every ounce of compassion from the humans that hold it together.

‘Outcome’ is the nemesis of care. It severs the soul from those who use it freely.

This word pollutes every thread of education from womb to tomb. The system uses it (teachers don’t, children don’t, parents don’t). It’s the staple diet of every regulatory body, a public sector addiction under the same deluded spell as the economy, and football. It’s all-out destination, bypassing the love of what happens if you decide to wander off and go somewhere else. Deviation, the long lost outlaw sister of devolution.

Outcome has to go. It’s beyond room 101 – the abandoned items there are too pure to share the same atmosphere. Even hell might struggle with its presence.

The only way to eradicate it is to run with it and die with it.

Let’s fast forward our time on earth and leave it to species who can’t write, say, think or feel this word.
Let’s start a political party called ‘Outcome’.
Let’s name our children ‘Outcome’.

Let’s just stop there.
Let’s finish with a last line that oozes outcome.
Let’s stop playing because we lost to ourselves.

Which brings us to…

The end game.