Peter Kirby is a writer and artist living at the end of a dirt track in Cornwall with my wife, daughters and dog.

His work has appeared in galleries, books, journals, biennales, newspapers, museums and streets around the world, including The Guardian, The Design Museum, The Drawbridge, Channel 4, Bank Gallery in LA, Material Journal, The US Postal Service and Customs, Tate St Ives in collaboration with Richard Long and the first 2 London Architectural Biennales.

He is currently working on a new attitude towards dementia, a long term vision for Dartington, creating a village an educational working farm, an arts-based digital platform that feels like the renegade offspring of the UN and various art and publishing projects that may see the light of day when he’s long gone.

Thisness is a word he found in a book in his teens. Everyone asks what it means, yet everyone knows what it means. If you’d like a third opinion, ask a buddhist. If you have trouble finding a buddhist, tweet him @asyetunknown